The Song of Seven is an indie adventure game that combines old-school point and click style puzzle solving with immersive 3D graphics and controls. I worked as audio engineer and sound designer on this project, also contributing several voices to add personality to the many whimsical characters in the game.

I created all of the non-musical sounds featured in the game using a combination of library sounds and original foley recordings. I was also solely responsible for all audio implementation, which was achieved through working with Unity, FMOD, and Adventure Creator (a third party toolkit of useful adventure game functions). With the help of our team's programmer, I developed many audio scripts in C# to help FMOD playback interface with the Unity game engine.

Coordination with the game director, composer, and art/animation team was achieved using Trello task management and Git for version control. Google Spreadsheets were used to share information on a per-asset basis for asset approval and to serve as a checklist to track the progress of an asset through design to implementation.

More information on my work processes can be found in my Song of Seven Technical Audio Demo.

Song of Seven Launch Trailer

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