ARGUS is an audio puzzle game I created for a class project. It was inspired by both alternate reality games and Kevin Regamey's "Phonopath." ARGUS follows the story of an agent of a covert intelligence agency who must uncover clues hidden in audio broadcasts. Players will need to use audio analysis tools or audio workstations to cleverly process the puzzle files in an attempt to find hidden information in each stage.

All you need to play are these audio files and some audio tools. I recommend Audacity and Sonic Visualizer, as they are both free and run in both Windows and OSX operating systems. It is possible to solve all puzzles using only free software! All of the puzzle files are provided as separate uncompressed WAV files for maximum fidelity, providing the best experience for analysis and editing.

ARGUS assumes some technical audio knowledge on the part of the player. Full documentation of the puzzle design process (and solutions!) is available in PDF format here.